What can you say about a man who has everything? 

Very little, because there isn’t much to go off of beyond saying “he has everything”.  Luckily, dear reader, I do not have everything, which yields a much more gripping tale.  My life can only be described as a mildly less adventurous Odyssey, as I traveled the untamed regions of Boston suburbia, taming the monsters and demons I encountered the only way I knew how: with cheap paper and a Power Rangers pencil.

Having grown up drawing Medusa and the other VHS monsters I so adored, it seemed only appropriate that I soon became obsessed with everything creature and villain related.  Halloween became the new Christmas, and from there on my six year old self knew that making monsters was what I was destined to do.

Following my victory over the real life monsters of the public school system, I went on to study illustration at Syracuse University, where I discovered both special effects makeup and later, costume and prop design.  This allowed me to bring the monsters I loved beyond the two dimensional to entertain and terrorize, all the while consuming a steady diet of B-grade 80’s horror and children’s cartoons.  Through all of this, I have, on numerous occasions, disguised myself as a seasoned classical cellist, infiltrating orchestras to learn their secrets, masking my eccentricity behind a veil of tuxedos and red pocket squares. 

Currently my travels have led me back to Boston, where I live the life of a creature designer, while tinkering on new props and replicas in the dark of my dungeon workshop; only coming out for the occasional bike ride, stir fry, or orchestra rehearsal.